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Kindred Posse MC

On November 10th, 1999, six police officers of which five were Marine Corps veterans, met at a local bar and grill in Gurnee, Illinois to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. It was on this date that original six members of the Kindred Posse Motorcycle Club decided to form a 100% Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.



To maintain a membership comprised of members dedicated to the KPMC and the support of Law Enforcement.   This mission will be carried out by attending and supporting law enforcement fund raisers and charities.




1a:A group of related individuals b: One's relatives

2: Family Relationship : kindred



1: a large group often with a common interest

2: a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency




It was decided that the colors would be a three patch design with a “Kindred Posse” rocker at the top and a “Lake County, Illinois” rocker on the bottom.  It was also decided that the center patch design would incorporate law enforcement and motorcycle riding. 

After several meetings, the present center patch was voted in unanimously.  The star behind the motorcycle represents law enforcement. The motorcycle riding out of the star symbolizes club members coming from law enforcement.   The “Live Free or Die” phrase was adopted to represent the member’s commitment to protect the freedom of people through law enforcement and the freedom of motorcycle riding.

The “Charter Member” patch worn below the Lake County, Illinois rocker was issued exclusively to the original six founding members.

Over the years, KPMC members built relationships with non-law enforcement motorcycle enthusiasts that were supportive of the club and the club mission.  In 2008, club members voted unanimously to reward their dedication by allowing associate membership to the club.  Since the club found it important to distinguish between full regular membership (100% Law Enforcement) and associate members, it was decided that associate members would wear the same three piece patch with a "KPMC Associate" patch below the club colors.




KPMC is a 100% Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.  A prospective full patch regular member must be a police officer, or a retired police officer.  All prospective members must complete a 6 month probation period. Any associate member must be sponsored by a full patch regular member

  If interested please contact us

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